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Additional Information

Burning Permits

Ada County no longer issues burn permits or requires its Fire Districts to do so. Open burning in rural areas is allowed if the weather forecast permits (avoid hot, dry or windy days) and the Air Quality Index (AQI) is 60 or below. To check today's Air Quality Index, call the DEQ Burn Ban Hotline at (208) 373-0313 or visit the DEQ air quality website.

Help keep the valley's air clean and safe by knowing and following these rules when you burn:
     Burning is allowed 8 a.m. to sunset.
     A competent adult should supervise the burn until all fire is fully extinguished.
     Do not burn on days when weather conditions or air quality prohibits it.
     Burn piles must be no larger than 3' wide and 2' tall.
     Have fire-fighting equipment such as sacks, buckets, shovels, pitch forks & water supply readily available.
     Notify your neighbors of your plans to burn.

Burning of field and crop residue requires a permit from the Department of Environmental Quality. This applies to all harvested fields, pastures, CRP and HIP lands and food plots regardless of field size. For more information, call the Crop Reside Burning Hotline at (866) 224-2456 or visit DEQ's Crop Burning website

It is NOT Legal to Burn:

Burn barrels

Lawn clippings
Garbage Residential waste
Construction waste Demolition/salvage debris
Preservative-treated wood Junk motor vehicles
Commercial or industrial waste Petroleum products
Paints Railroad ties
Tires or other rubber material Dead animals
Animal waste Tar or tar paper
Asphalt material Pathogenic waste
Oil or grease Insulated wire
Telephone poles Hazardous materials
For more about open burning, visit the DEQ website.